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Financial Information

As a Multi-Academy Trust, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Funding Agreement and Academies Trust Handbook set out the framework that must be followed, reflecting the requirements as a company, charity and public body funded by public monies. There is a clear requirement for effective financial governance and management of funds with freedoms offered to manage day-to-day school improvement.

The Finance Team is provided centrally to best advise and support Trustees, Academy Governing Bodies, the Executive Team and Principals. Tailored financial management is offered to academies to best support the Trust’s values in ensuring students’ best outcomes.

You can contact the Finance department at the following email address: [email protected].


Finance Documentation


Annual Financial Report - 31 August 2023.pdf

Annual Financial Report - 31 August 2022.pdf

Annual Financial Report - 31st August 2021.pdf

Annual Financial Report - 31st August 2020.pdf

Annual Financial Report - 31st August 2019.pdf

Executive Pay 2022-23

Executive Pay 2021-22 Publication of Employee Benefits Information.pdf

Executive Pay Disclosure.pdf

Gifts and Hospitality Register - 2021-22.pdf

NLT Financial Regulations - 2021-22.pdf