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Our mission, vision and values

Students are at the centre of everything we do.

Students are at the centre of everything we do. Through collaboration, every aspect of our work is of high quality. Our academies deliver an ambitious and inclusive curriculum. This enables all students to have high aspirations and to excel academically and socially.

Our shared values

Shared Expectations – The One Trust Rule

Every student and adult is expected to behave in a responsible manner both to themselves and others, showing consideration, courtesy and respect for other people and their wellbeing at all times.

Leadership: Leaders help themselves and others to do the right thing. We firmly believe that all students and staff within our Trust are leaders.

Excellence: We are a Trust that strives to achieve excellence in academic, sporting and artistic pursuits.

Integrity: We are honest and driven by a clear moral purpose. Acting with integrity means we strive to do the right thing at all times.

Kindness: We value being kind to one another, using our manners and being considerate of each other’s feelings.

Inclusivity: All students are welcomed into our classrooms and their uniqueness is celebrated. We have high aspirations for all students: no groups or individuals will be left behind.

Humility: We are humble in both success and failure. We acknowledge that our successes are achieved through the hard work of our students, parents, teachers and community.

Together: We believe that the Trust is stronger together and that collaboration is always more effective than competition.

Reflectiveness: We value reflection as a way to achieve improvement. We believe in inspiring all our learners to question, research, engage and therefore thrive.

Our academies

Each academy is unique and retains its own identity whilst aligning with our Trust vision and values. Each academy’s motto summarises this:

Kenton School  |  All Different, All Equal.

Kenton School is rich in diversity and culture. Fantastic students make the Academy a brilliant and inclusive place to learn and achieve. Kenton’s priority is to provide a safe, secure and engaging learning environment – one that is inclusive, ambitious and challenging.

Click here to visit the Kenton School website.

Studio West  |  Learning that connects.

Studio West is a student centred school that is proud to be part of Northern Leaders Trust. Staff are highly skilled and passionate about providing high-quality education and to ensure our students have the best possible chances of success both while at school and in the future.

Click here to visit the Studio West website.

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